About Her Again

We’re a Community of Women Reimagining Our Lives

Her Again Events

We Experience New Things Together

Her Again Coaching

Make the Most of Your Next Chapter

Who We Are

Her Again Is a Courage-Led Membership Community

We rally women over 40 around the heart and soul of what it means to be in midlife and beyond.

What We Do

We Use Shared Experiences and Human Connection to Move Forward

Whether getting to know ourselves better, stimulating creativity, or forging new friendships, women need powerful experiences to keep moving forward. We curate these experiences to inspire, disrupt, and create lasting impact.

How We Do It

Instinct, Authenticity, and a Little Tee-Hee

Our approach to events and experiences is part gut instinct, part wanderlust, and part whoopie cushion.

The Why

Why Join Us?

Move forward. Have fun. Make friends along the way. Find out why a Her Again membership gives back in so many ways.

What Our Members Say

I look forward to the events. Getting to spend time with a group of smart, funny women on a regular basis fulfills something inside of me that I didn’t realize I was missing. I’m so grateful I found my village.

– Hettie R.

What Our Members Say

I look forward to catching up with old, new, and future friends, including what I’ll call the “not your mother’s book club” book club.

– Patricia M.

What Our Members Say

I’ve been enjoying a surge of energy and creativity in my life that I attribute to the fun and inspiration of being a member.

– Ronda H.

What Our Members Say

As a woman transitioning into a new stage in my journey, I learn something every time I am with the group.

– Wendy W.

What Our Members Say

I was a little nervous to join without knowing anyone, but the women are so interesting, funny, and kind. It was an instant fit.

– Peggy B.

What Our Members Say

I’m constantly being exposed to new things. Definitely takes you out of your comfort zone and builds you up.

– Rhondi R.

What Our Members Say

It’s not just about the events. It’s about finding something. Something I didn’t know was missing.

– Nekki D.