About Us

We Believe in Becoming, Together

Our Founding Story

Inspired by groups that empower women, Laura Hahnefeld broke out of her 30-year-long corporate executive life in 2021 to create a new kind of community – one that is focused on personal growth and connection for women 40 and up. Her Again was born out of a belief that uncertainty can be a gift. Our business model is simple: Women first. Spreadsheets second. Bound by battle-tested experience and a desire for helping women, we exist to challenge a culture of gendered ageism.

Our Manifesto

We are the wise ones. The brassy tacks in a world of how-dare-yous. We believe in the power of next chapters. A belief that puts freedom and curiosity above expectations of pleasing others and giving a damn what they think. We believe in the phoenix. Change is meaningful only when we let ourselves burn to ashes and rise anew. We believe in feeling it all. Sometimes the most fulfilling life transitions are those that make us feel miserable, confused, and afraid.

We believe in self-care and community. That when you partner with other women, you can witness progress in your own transformation and inspire others to do the same.

We believe in meeting life’s challenges deliberately. We will make letting go and the power of transformation mean something – even if we don’t know what that something is yet. We believe in the enduring power and wisdom of older women and those who propel it.

We believe transitions fuel revelations – sometimes even revolutions – allowing us to become.






Our Culture

We Believe in Courage, Community, and a Good Chuckle

Reimagining midlife creates opportunities for personal evolution, which is why we believe in gutsy self-discovery over avoidance and in putting our shared relationships before anything else. We’re a women-centric community driven by empathy, curiosity, and some serious swagger. Also, cat videos. Lots and lots of cat videos.

Movement, Change, and Connection

Her Again should be a beacon for the women we serve. Our logo stands for movement, change, and connection. We believe that next chapters are a kind of renewal, a resurrection that propels us to new beginnings and new ways of living. And that connection is our superpower. Because the force that happens when women support one another is unlike anything else in the world.